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Best 6 Alastor Voice Changers For You [100% Sounds Like Alastor]

By Jerri Ledford · Published on April 25, 2024

Sounding like other movies’ characters can give you the luxury of hiding your voice while playing the online game. Many people love emulating the voices of Donald Trump, Obama, and Darth Vader and now sounding like the Radio Demon is also becoming popular.

alastor voice changer

If you’re aiming for the Alastor voice changer, read this post to access the 6 amazing voice changing tools.

2 Alastor Voice Changers for PC

Searching the most appropriate Radio Demon voice changer remains a hectic gig, but you can look at the 2 amazing options given below for desktop users.

App 1: Voxal Voice Changer

When it comes to looking for the Alastor the radio Demon voice changer, very few options come closer to the Voxal Voice Changer. The tool offers commendable voice filters on many fronts, allowing you to take the efficiency of your voice to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to change the voice in real time or would love to alter the voice of recorded audio, Voxal Voice Changer blesses you with a mesmerizing solution.

voice changer radio demon


  • Many amazing voice filters to select from
  • Helps you to record the audio before applying the voice filter
  • Lets you customize the recorded audio
  • Allows you to modify the voice in real time


  • Only supports the Windows

App 2: Voicemod

Voicemod is a great ambassador for the voice-changing industry coming up with some of the most reliable and popular voice filters. This remarkable Radio Demon voice changer shows no fuss when you ask it to replicate the voice of Radio Demon. With supporting the various audio customization options, Voicemod ensures that you can make the voice sound realistic and attractive.

Another thing to like about the Voicemod is that it empowers you to export the audio after getting it recorded in the first place.

alastor voice changer


  • Easy to use
  • Prompts the multiple audio customization options
  • Gets updated regularly
  • Makes the voice sound realistic
  • Tons of amazing voice filters


  • The premium package could be costly

3 Alastor Voice Changers for Mobile and Online

You can also look at the Radio Demon voice changer app and online tool to sound like Radio Demon.

App 1: Voice Changer with Effect

If you’re an Android user, you won’t have to worry about searching for the voice changer Radio Demon app as Voice Changer with Effect is there to help your cause. It only asks you to install the mobile app before recording the audio and applying all sound effects there.

alastor the radio demon voice changer


  • Lets you explore the mind blowing voice filters
  • Export the audio to various social media platforms


  • It could come up with small bugs

App 2: Celebrity Voice Changer

Although Celebrity Voice Changer is a bit underrated Alastor voice changer it is surely worth trying. With the highly popular voice filters and excellent voice filters, VoiceMod Celebrity voice change lets you produce the most realistic.

radio demon voice changer app


  • Comes up with easy installation
  • Supports the multiple social media platforms
  • Helps you to customize the voice
  • Tons of outstanding voice filters


  • Free version isn’t reliable

App 3: Fineshare

If you don’t like installing software to go for the Alastor voice changer, you can aim at online tools like Fineshare. It is a breathtaking online tool that lets you either translate the text into speech or you can also record the audio before putting the majestic voice filters.

With the intuitive user interface, Fineshare only asks you to navigate to the official website to put things in order.

alastor voice changer


  • No installation needed
  • Various mind blowing voice filters
  • Customize the generated audio


  • Unwanted ads might pop up

Customize Your Voice to Alastor via FliFlik Voice Changer

Trying the random voice changers to modify the voice could take extra effort, as finding the best options isn’t a piece of cake. With FliFlik Voice Changer arriving to the scenes, things have changed dramatically, empowering the users to get their hands into some of the mesmerizing voice filters.

This amazing voice changing tool doesn’t take any extra time while transforming the voice into someone else, and adjusting the pitch of the voice is only a couple of steps away.FliFlik Voice Changer is also capable of customizing other voice details and it also supports multiple online streaming platforms.

alastor the radio demon voice changer


  • Offers a simple user interface
  • Enables you to customize the voice details, including the reverberation, formant, pitch, etc
  • Assign the key binds to the selected voice filters

Here’s the step by step guide to using the FliFlik Voice Changer.

  1. Jump into the official webpage of FliFlik voice changer and then get the software installed on the PC. Tap on the Voice Box button and this will assist you in exploring all the voice filters out there.

    secure download Secure Download
    secure download Secure Download
  2. After ensuring that your computer can use the microphone or headphones, you’ll need to click on the ”Input / Output Audio” button. Choose the microphone as the input device and the headphones as the output device.

    radio demon voice changer
  3. Press in the voice filter you’d like to use and then try changing the voice after speaking in the microphone.

    alastor voice changer


Alastor voice changer emerges as one of the most talked voice voice-changing tools, and rightly so. You can dive into this guide to explore the 6 amazing ways to modify the voice allowing you to sound like the voice characters like Radio Demon.

You can’t undermine the importance of all the listed voice changing tools but FliFlik Voice Changer edges past all the rest of the tools. It assists you in making the voice sound like the popular characters, and FliFlik Voice Changer is capable of producing the most realistic voices without doing much.

secure download Secure Download
secure download Secure Download
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