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How to Imitate Jigsaw Voice By Jigsaw Voice Changers

By Jerri Ledford · Published on April 26, 2024

Pranking the friends on Halloween or other occasions using the horrific and frightening voice is common. Of all the voice characters you can go for to prank friends, aiming at the Jigsaw voice changer is one of the most prominent.

Besides helping you produce the scary content, Saw Jigsaw’s voice changer will also assist you in pranking your friends. Tune into this post to explore the 6 outstanding Saw JigSaw voice characters.

Who Is Jigsaw

The real name of the JigSaw is John Kramer, a brilliant fictional character who appeared in the Saw film series. Actor Tobin Bell played the Jigsaw, and he is the main antagonist and central character of the Jigsaw series. Jigsaw is well known for his deadly and complex games, putting people into life-threatening challenges and situations to survive.

The ultimate goal of the Jigsaw is to make the victims understand the value of their existence and life. The psychological and complex motivations surrounding the JigSaw have made him popular.

jigsaw movie

Saw X’s Review in 2023

A user gave a review of the ”Saw” movies, which is fairly encouraging for people wanting to watch this series. The review explains that the victims are locked in contraptions, having the choice of facing death by beating the trap helmet. Another choice that was given to them was to ribcage the ripping metal claw.

The traps in the Saw X movie are disgusting, but the like-minded will indeed like the concept of this movie. Another thing to ponder about the Saw X is that it will make you beyond the grass out of adrenaline.

saw x movie

Excellent 6 Jigsaw Voice Changers Providing Scary Jigsaw Voice

If you’re looking for the JigSaw voice changer, you must first check whether the tool offers reliable sound quality. Fortunately, we’ve listed the 6 mind-blowing and sensational tools below.

FliFlik Voice Changer

Accessing the reliable Saw Jigsaw voice changer with excellent voice features is difficult, but FliFlik Voice Changer has other ideas. It prompts AI-powered technology to produce fascinating voice filters automatically, and using the voice of JigSaw on online streaming platforms is also quite simple.

voice changer for xbox

Another thing to watch out for with the FliFlik voice changer is that it helps you explore the multiple audio customization features. This way, you can make the sound of the audio look pleasing and reliable to the eyes.


  • Explore the multiple popular voices, including the Jigsaw
  • Customize the voice details, including the reverberation, formant, pitch, etc
  • Supports the major gaming and chatting platforms
  • Use the keybinds to control and switch your favorite voice filters
  • Prompts the simple user interface

Here’s how to use the FliFlik Voice Changer.

  1. Install the FliFlik on the computer and select the VoiceBox button afterward. Now, you can see the list of multiple voice filters there.

    secure download Secure Download
    secure download Secure Download
  2. Click on the Input/Output button and select the microphone as the input device and headphones as the output device.

    jigsaw voice changer
  3. Now, you can choose your favorite voice filter and click on it afterward. Next, you’ll need to speak into the microphone, and then FliFlik will turn that recording into voice characters you’ve selected.

    jigsaw voice changer

AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is a commendable free Jigsaw voice changer that gives you complete control while changing the voice. The substantial thing about this Jigsaw voice changer is that it offers various filters and prompts outstanding sound quality.

saw jigsaw voice changer


  • It comes up with multiple brilliant sound effects and a voice filter
  • Customize the audio quickly
  • Simple user interface


Another brilliant Jigsaw voice changer you can aim at is Voicemod. With amazing voice filters and tremendous audio effects, Voicemod assists you in quickly making the voice sound like Jigsaw. Moreover, Voicemod also supports changing the voice in real-time, so it is possible to use it while playing online games or conversing with friends.

free jigsaw voice changer


  • Offers a manageable user interface
  • No sound quality loss
  • Comes up with the fascinating microphone
  • Brilliant voice filter


Finding the appropriate Jigsaw voice changer online could assist you in replicating the voice of JigSaw effortlessly. For this purpose, aiming at the voice changer.io seems like a reliable option. Apart from applying the voice filters to the recorded audio, this free Jigsaw voice changer also helps the audio before inserting the Jigsaw voice filter.

jigsaw voice changer app


  • Helps you to explore the 100+ scary voice filter
  • Easy to manage
  • No installation needed

Lingojam Text to Speech Generator

You can try out the multiple JigSaw voice changer free online tools, and going for the LingoJam text-to-speech is one of the most reliable. It only asks you to insert the text prompt before turning it into the vogue of the JigSaw.

This remarkable JigSaw voice changer prompts a simple user interface, and you don’t need to install any software to put things in order.

jigsaw voice changer online


  • Make your voice sound like popular voice characters like Jigsaw voice changer
  • Comes up with a simple user interface
  • Tends to get updated regularly

Scary Voice Changer & Recorder

Scary Voice Changer and Recorder is a reliable Jigsaw voice changer app that gives you complete control while transforming the voice into the sound of JigSaw. To make the voice sound like Jigsaw, you only need to install the app and record the audio afterward. Once the audio is recorded, you can apply the wonderful Saw Jigsaw voice changer option afterward.

jigsaw voice changer free


  • Allows you to explore the various scary voice filters
  • Lets you adjust the audio
  • Export the audio to social media platforms


If you’re finding it difficult to get the appropriate Jigsaw voice changer on board, this guide could be crucial. We have listed the 6 amazing tools that can help you replicate the voice of JigSaw without taking any extra time.

All the options have wonderful voice filters, but FliFlik Voice Changer remains the standout. Besides blessing you with outstanding audio customization features, FliFlik empowers you to modify the voice in real-time.

secure download Secure Download
secure download Secure Download
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