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Bill Cipher Voice Changer: Reality’s Gonna Get Weird

By Ivan Davis · Published on May 13, 2024

Have you ever tried to make the voice sound like Bill Cipher, or you might have intended, at some point, to turn the text into the voice of Bill Cipher? Gravity Falls is blessed to have a character like Bill Cipher, and the whole world has admired the role Bill has played.

This guide is all about educating you on using the Bill Cipher voice changer to make your voice sound like Cipher. Let’s dive into this guide to get all the exciting information.

Part 1. Who is Bill Cipher and the Voice Actor of Bill Cipher?

Bill Cipher appeared in the animated series Gravity Falls and is one of the best fictional characters in the series. Bill Cipher is well remembered for having the distinct appearance of a floating pyramid with an amazingly large eye in the top right center. Apart from having a mischievous personality, Bill Cipher is a bit chaotic and has a tendency to deceive and manipulate other people.

Bill Cipher voice changer

The voice behind Bill Cipher

Alex Hirsch has voiced the Bill Cipher and people around the globe has praised the role Alex Hirsch has played in making Bill Cipher’s character a great success. Since Alex Hirsch also created the show, he appeared to have voiced several other popular and repeated characters. The captivating and distinctive portrayal of Bill Cipher by Alex Hirsch has brought the new kids to the sinister and mischievous charm.

Bill Cipher Voice Actor

Part 2. 3 Best Bill Cipher Voice Changers For PC/Online/App

1. FliFlik Voice Changer [PC]

When it comes to choosing the voice changer Bill Cipher, nothing can beat the quality and supremacy of FliFlik Voice Changer. Apart from offering many voice effects, FliFlik Voice Changer also prompts the commendable audio customization options. It implies that when you select the Bill Cipher voice effect from the main interface, tinkering the sound quality and pitch of the voice quality is always on cards.

From enabling you to replicate the voice of Bill Cipher from a recorded audio to transforming the voice and making it sound like Bill Cipher, FliFlik Voice Changer has surely been a versatile tool.

FliFlik Voice Changer

How to use FliFlik voice changer

  1. To begin with, you’ll need to install the FliFlik voice changer on the computer and then start the program afterwards. Next, you’ll need to select the VoiceBox button and doing so will help you to explore the variety of voice effects there.

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    secure download Secure Download
  2. When the computer is all set to use the headphones and microphone, you’ll need to tap on the ‘Input/Output Audio’ button to select the microphone as the audio device and the headphones as the output device.

    slaterkodish voice changer
  3. You can try changing the voice after selecting the input and output device. You’ll need to select the favorite voice effect from the sound library to do it. After choosing the desired voice filter, you’ll need to speak into the microphone; this will make your voice sound like Bill Cipher. If you want to download your favorite voice effect, tap the Download button to put the things in order.

    what voice changer does slater use

2. Speechify Text-to-Speech Generator [Online]

In Speechify you’ve found another appropriate and breathtaking Bill Cipher voice changer online that doesn’t put anything back while turning the text into extraordinary speech. With this tool, you’ll only need to jump into the timeline of the Speechify and enter the prompt text before selecting the Bill Cipher as your preferred voice effect.

In addition, Speechify also supports turning the recorded audio into the voice of many different characters. This Bill Cipher voice changer online isn’t restricted to only offering voice characters like Bill Cipher to emulate; you can also customize the audio using the highly professional algorithm. Another thing to like about the Speechify is that it prompts the 100+ natural voices to select from, and the interface of this tool won’t be a point of concern for you.

Speechy Text to Speech Voice Generator

3. Voice Changer Anime Voice Game [App]

If you’ve had enough of Bill Cipher voice changer desktop app or an online version and would love to try an app to explore another world, Voice Changed Anime Voice Game is knocking at the doors. The versatile and sensational Bill Cipher voice changer seizes every opportunity to help you replicate the voice of various popular voice characters, such as Bill Cipher. The presence of a top-notch user interface implies that you can do little to initiate replicating the voice of Bill Cipher.

Only recording the voice and selecting the voice of Bill Cipher is enough to make you enjoy listening to the voice of the Bill Cipher in your favorite or preferred audio recording. Despite being a mobile app that can change the voice, this app doesn’t affect the audio quality. Regardless of which social media platform you’re looking to share the recorded audio into, it is a matter of only a few clicks to put things in order.

Voice Changer Anime Voice Game

Part 3. Popular Topics about Bill Cipher

1. How Strong is Bill Cipher?

Bill Cipher seems like a strong lad and prompts the excellent supernatural abilities like mind control, reality manipulation, and telekinesis. The capabilities and strength of Bill Cipher easily surpass the powers of the other characters who appeared in the show. Bill Cipher is also portrayed and shown as the omnipotent being able to change reality and do the unimaginable destination and chaotic activities on earth.

2. How Old is Bill Cipher From Gravity Falls?

Bill Cipher is easily the most dangerous and destructive villain in Gravity Falls. He has gone through trillions of years, making him an unending and unfinished force. Bill Cipher had a beard, and he successfully destroyed the entire homeworld, sparing now one and killing all the people living out there.


The emergence of the Bill Cipher voice changer has amazed people willing to emulate his voice. The pitch and emphasis of Bill Cipher’s voice are so huge that millions of people would love to make their voice sound like Bill Cipher.

We have listed the three amazing voice changing tools to use Bill Cipher’s voice at their disposal while recording the audio or writing the text prompt. FliFlik Voice Changer has emerged as the best voice changer Bill Cipher, offering excellent sound quality along with unbelievable audio customization options.

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secure download Secure Download
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