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Official Guide: How to Use FliFlik KlearMax for Photo

Explore the step by step to use FliFlik KlearMax for Photo. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FliFlik KlearMax for Photo Guide

By utilizing the advanced AI algorithm, FliFlik KlearMax for Photo can improve the photos with higher resolutions, less blurry, and more details with only one click. Now, let’s get started to learn how to use FliFlik KlearMax for Photo.


Download and Install the FliFlik KlearMax for Photo

Download the FliFlik KlearMax for Photo with the button below. Simply install the software after downloading it on your computer.

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Step 2

Register with License

Users can feel free to try the AI models for photo enhancement with 3 free exports. If you want to unlock the full version, get your Email and License Code ready and you can click the Register button. Once the registration is done, you can export an unlimited number of photos with AI enhancement.

Register KlearMax for Photo
notes Notes

If you haven’t received or lost the license code, you can retrieve the registration code or contact our support team for help.

Step 3

How to Enhance an Image with FliFlik KlearMax for Photo

To meet our users, FliFlik KlearMax for Photo Supports 3 AI models with 6 modes for various types of images, including portrait, landscape, anime, and night view, etc.

🔘Face Model: specially designed for portrait images.

  • Soft mode: Softly retouch the image with quality improvements and colorization.
  • Natural mode: Make the enhancement in a natural way, while keeping more original details.
  • User-friendly interface: designed with ease of use in mind, providing an intuitive interface that simplifies the voice-changing process.
  • Sharpen mode: Remove the blur caused by motion blur, camera shake, or incorrect focus.

🔘General Model: can enhance all types of images, like landscape, architecture, animals, and plants.

  • High-Quality mode: Increase the quality of images with higher resolutions.
  • Extreme Speed mode: Improve the photos in an ultra-fast way.

🔘Denoise Model: reduce the noises from images, such as anime, cartoons, and games.

  • Denoise mode: Reduce noise from images to improve the quality and clarity.

You can select the best AI models for photos you want to improve, and then click the Enhance Now button.

Enhance the Photo with KlearMax for Photo

If you want to enhance multiple images with different models, you can click the Batch Process button to apply each mode on various photos.

Batch Enhance Photos

You can add more pictures with different AI models.

Add More Images
Step 4

Export and Settings

Now you can click the Export button to get high-quality images.

Export the Enahnced Images

The default export path is C:\Users\Admin\Pictures\FliFlik KlearMax for Photo. You can change the path and format in the settings menu.

Set the saving path