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Top 4 Mario Voice Changers Selected to Transform Your Voice

By Jerri Ledford · Published on April 25, 2024

Soon after its arrival, Super Mario became one of the most iconic and breathtaking games in the 1990s and 1980s. Super Mari was a plumber by trade, an Italian character with a big, broad mustache. Nintendo launched the Mario Bros series, and it was one of the most successful games around the globe.

One of the most noticeable aspects of Mario was his mesmerizing voice, and people love playing the voice on various social media platforms for multiple purposes. If you’re looking for a Mario voice changer to make the voice sound like Mario, you can dig into this exciting guide to explore the 4 commendable solutions.

Best Choice to Use the Mario Voice Changer to Imitate Mario Voice

When searching for the Super Mario voice changer, everyone seems to opt for an option with high-quality sound and a simple user interface. Luckily, FliFlik Voice Changer has all those ingredients you’d love to see in a Mario voice changer.

From enabling you to explore the stunning voice filter to assisting you in relying upon the various sensational audio customization options, FliFlik is there to conquer your hearts. FliFlik isn’t restricted to changing the voice of recorded audio, as it can modify the voice in multiple gaming and streaming platforms.

mario voice changer


  • Allows you to make the voice sound like Donald Trump, Donald Duck, and more
  • Helps you to customize the voice details, including the reverberation, formant, pitch, etc
  • Control and switch the voice via keybinds
  • Enables you to modify the voice in multiple chatting, gaming, and live streaming platform
  • Prompts the user interface

Here’s how to use FliFlik.

  1. Jump into the official webpage of the FliFlik Voice Changer and Install the software. After starting the program, you’ll need to tap the ”Voicebox” button on the left side of the screen. Now, you can explore the tons of amazing voice filters there.

    secure download Secure Download
    secure download Secure Download
  2. In this phase, you must select the input and output devices by hitting the ”Input/Output Audio” device. You can select the microphone as the audio device, followed by the headphone as the output device.

    mario voice changer
  3. You can alter the voice once you’ve set the input and output device. Select the preferred voice filter you’d like to use and then click on that voice filter. Press on the Download icon if you intend to download any particular voice filter.

    super mario voice changer

Optional Choice to Use Mario Voice Text to Speech Online

In this era of modern technology, you can transform text into speech courtesy of the AI-generated text-to-voice voice tool feature. Here’s the 3 wonderful text to speech Mario voice change feature list.


If you’re aiming for the most comprehensive Mario voice change text-to-speech tool, Uberduck.AI could be one of the best options. It comes up with voice recording, voice filter, AI-generated raps, and an online studio for real-time voice changing features.

With Uberduck.ai, you’ve got the privilege of exploring the 5000+ magnificent voices, and it also enables you to create custom Mario voices with minimal effort.

mario movie voice changer


  • Gives you complete control over Mario movie voice change
  • Offers an intuitive user interface
  • Option of voice cloning and studio
  • AI generated raps


  • Limited free trial version

TopMediai Text-to-Speech

TopMediai Text to Speech is another amazing tool that supports over 80 languages for fun. It allows you to customize the audio and play Mario’s voice, giving you complete control over the audio editing. After transforming the text into speech, TopMediai also helps download the audio in a couple of formats.

mario voice change


  • Multiple brilliant AI-generated Mario’s voice filters
  • Explore the precise and rapid conversions
  • Offers the high quality voice overs


  • No desktop version


Fakeyou.com is another mesmerizing Mario voice changer that quickly turns the text into a voice description. With the 2400+ voice filters, Fakeyou also assists you in adjusting the audio of the voice quickly. Apart from offering an intuitive user interface, Fakeyou also empowers you to change the voice of the recorded audio.

mario voice changer online


  • Easy to use
  • High quality translation
  • It allows you to make the voiceover look amazing


  • No desktop version

How Many Voice Actors of Mario Do You Know

All the Mario voice actors are loved across the globe, and knowing about the actual people behind the Mario movie makes sense. Here’s the list of some of the most prominent voice actors of Mario.

Chris Pratt- Mario Voice Actor

You’d have loved hearing the voice of Mario, the voice character in the movie. The fascinating thing about this voice character is that Chris Pratt was behind it. After performing in multiple shows, Chris Pratt received huge admiration over the last few years.

mario voice changer

Luigi Charlie Day- Mario Voice Actor

Luigi Charlie Day is another Mario voice actor who has attracted millions of eyeballs. He has performed magnificently behind the scenes, and people love using Luigi Charlie Day’s voice on various gaming platforms.

super mario voice changer

Anya Taylor Joy- Peach Voice Actor

Anya Taylor is the popular voice character behind the Peach voice. Anya Taylor got immense popularity for performing the roles of similar characters.

mario movie voice change

Jack Black- Browser

Jack Black is the voice behind the Browse and is popular for working with the multiple band Tenacious D.

mario voice change

Keegan Michael Key- Toad Voice Actor

Toad is another magnificent character of Mario, voiced by Micheal Key. Keegan is a brilliant participant in the Peele and comedy TV series Key.

mario voice changer online


Aiming for a reliable Mario Voice Changer is necessary to make the voice sound like Mario. We have listed the 4 amazing Mario voice change tools that help you emulate the voice of Mario in original quality.

Of all the voice-changing tools we’ve developed, FliFlik Voice Changer remains one of the most popular and talked about. It lets you emulate Mario’s voice without affecting the original sound quality.

secure download Secure Download
secure download Secure Download
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